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Virus Guard Hand Sanititzer

In a SEA of hand sanitizers, we are the KILLER WHALE! FDA approved 62% formula, in a trave size 360° full coverage spray. Helps you protect against the flu and other illness, kills most common germs and our moisturizer formula leaves your skin soft and smooth - No more dripping or pouring tequila on your hands!

PRODUCT TYPE: Hand Sanitizer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Protect What Matters Most with Virus Guard Hand Sanitizer Spray. Our easy-to-use, full coverage, 360-degree fine-mist spray Kills 99.9% of germs. Made using the highest quality ingredients leaves your hands feeling soft, smooth, and germ-free. Use daily at Home, Office, Auto, and Travel.

APPLICATIONS: Daily Use can help protect against flu and other illness.

SCENT: Fresh Lemon