Locker Guard Disinfectants

Professionals Janitorial Staffs, Equipment Managers, Athletic Directors have demanded a natural, green product that could kill germs faster and deodorize better at a very reasonable price. We have provided it with LOCKER GUARD™.

PRODUCT TYPE: No Mix All-in-One, All-Purpose Disinfectant, Cleaner, and Deodorizer.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Locker rooms and sports facilities are notorious breeding grounds for many harmful germs, odors, and infections. LOCKER GUARD™ is a one-step, natural disinfectant that kills infection-causing germs and destroys odors. LOCKER GUARD™ 55-gallon drums or 1-gallon Jugs can be dispersed with a spray bottle, pump sprayer, ULV cold fogger, or electrostatic sprayers. NO PPE needed to apply. Just spray and walk away to kill the virus that causes Covid-19 in Just 60 Seconds.* LOCKER GUARD™ has no harmful chemicals, no alcohol, no bleach, no Quats and can be used on all types of sports gear, equipment, mats, bathrooms, showers, athletic shoes, hats, helmets, wrestling gear, and more. Protect What Matters Most!™

APPLICATIONS: LOCKER GUARD™ Disinfecting spray cleaner can be used everywhere, Schools, Gyms, Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Clinics, Restaurants, Hotels, Meeting Areas, Airplanes, Buses, Trains, Sports Stadiums, Locker Rooms, and many more. Also, the versatile cleaning & deodorizing formulation means that you can also use it to deodorize shoes, fabric, cans, gym, & more!

SCENT: Fresh Clean Scent

*When used as directed.