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Safe alternatives to harsh chemical disinfectants hadn’t been developed.

So we developed them.



None of the big chemical companies wanted to fight the EPA to get such a product approved.

We fought them.



Nobody we spoke to understood the difference between cleaners and disinfectants.

We educated them.


Americans demanded an all-natural, green product that could kill germs faster and deodorize better.

We have provided.



We are a no-compromise, take no prisoners, deliver at all costs, take no shit, group of dreamers. 

Our only goal is to provide you with the best products in the world.


In a sea of options, we are the killer whale.


our mission

Our mission is to create impactful products that will help Americans take control of their environment and their safety. We’re introducing our product line to meet these unprecedented issues faced by consumers and help them Protect What Matters Most.


our products

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Virus Guard DISINFECTANT 32 oz.

Virus Guard

3 oz Hand Sanititzer